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Computational Problem Solving and Software Development (CPSSD) is an undergraduate computing course in Dublin City University. It is aimed at applicants with prior programming experience, and is generally the hippest place to be this side of Ballymaloe.

CPSSD Tackles Hashcode 2017

26 Feb 2017

Google’s Hashcode qualification round took place on the 23rd of February, and lots of CPSSD first and second years crowded in the DCU Hashcode hub to compete.

The Hashcode online round consists of one large optimisation problem tackled over four hours. This year’s problem involved trying to optimally store videos in caches of a fixed size in order to reduce the latency when large bunches of videos are requested by specific endpoints. It was more interesting than it sounds, I swear.

We stalwart students of CPSSD dived in. The team Three Weeks (Brandon Ibbotson and Lucas Savva) finished with a hearty score of 1,635,420, enough for 1,207th place globally and 17th place in Ireland. Meanwhile, Noah Donnelly and Cian Ruane in team of '"><script>alert()</script> finished with 2,416,068 points, making us the highest scoring team in Ireland, and coming 164th worldwide. Cian wrote some words about how we did it.

We had a lot of fun, and I’m very thankful to Gary Conway and the DCU School of Computing for organising to host a hub in DCU, and providing pizza-based sustenance to us during the competition. Fingers crossed that next year DCU returns to cheekily pass out UCC in the final hour.

Le bród mór ⁊ gach dea-ghuí,

Noah Ó Donnaile