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Computational Problem Solving and Software Development (CPSSD) is an undergraduate computing course in Dublin City University. It is aimed at applicants with prior programming experience, and is generally the hippest place to be this side of Ballymaloe.

First Year Experiences

17 May 2016

Around New Year’s, I wrote a wee article on what I’d experienced over the first semester of CPSSD. It might be a useful read for someone to see what the course content is like in that first semester, or for someone who is about to start the course and has to decide on their modules.

However, more recently, Cian Ruane wrote a post where he broke down the structure of the course across the whole year. He described each module in detail, and went into the projects as well a bit. It’s well worth a read if you want to see what the Freshman year of CPSSD is like.

If you read these blog posts, then you have no excuse for not knowing what you’re getting into when you tick the CA169 box on your module choice form xoxo

Ádh mór,