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Computational Problem Solving and Software Development (CPSSD) is an undergraduate computing course in Dublin City University. It is aimed at applicants with prior programming experience, and is generally the hippest place to be this side of Ballymaloe.

Project: Feedlark

17 May 2016

Feedlark is an RSS aggregator built by Aaron Delaney, Lucas Savva, Cian Ruane, Ross O’sullivan and Noah Donnelly.

the feedlark landing page

Feedlark aims to be efficient, fast, and smart. Users can get updates on RSS or Atom feeds they follow through a slick Material Design interface. They can receive email summaries of their stream, view their stream through a plaintext endpoint (ideal for command line usage!) and bookmark articles for later.

adding and removing feeds

What’s more, a user can upvote and downvote articles according to their interests. The system will use basic topic modelling to categorise each article, and analyse what topics each user favours over time. The system will then prioritise articles a user is likely to be interested in based on its topics, saving them time trawling their stream for relevant content.

the feedlark stream page