CPSSD Taking No New Entries

Tá CPSSD marbh, go maire <TBD>.

On the 17th of November, all the current students of CPSSD (née PSSD) receieved an email from Rory O’Connor, the Head of the School of Computing in DCU, detailing the suspension of the course. Unfortunately, the email had the bog-standard TOS at the bottom of all university emails warning me not to share it here (curse non-free-as-in-speech licences).

It described that:

  • There will be no first year CPSSD group in 2017/2018.
  • Everyone currently in the course will progress as normal.
  • If a first year CPSSD student fails, they can’t repeat the year. They can however transfer into the DC121 programme, a BSc. in Computer Applications (DCU’s normal software development degree).

CPSSD was subtly rescinded from the CAO handbook around the same time. It was very hard to find any authoritative page, or any online mention at all, that CPSSD was no longer accepting entries. DCU have not made any clear announcement of it.

I wrote some more details and some healthy speculation about the whole situation on my personal blog when it happened. I forgot to mention it here too.

Let’s hope that CPSSD resurfaces in the future, or that another university picks up the slack and offers a similar advanced course in computing. The now-limited-edition current students of CPSSD are proof that there is a niche for it.

Le brón mór ⁊ dóchas beag,

Noah Ó Donnaile